Division of Electronics and Communications Engineering

General Information

Vision and Mission of the ECE department

Vision: To develop innovative, creative and ethical electronics and communication engineers for industry and society through excellence in technical education and research.


  • To provide creative learning environment to the students for excellence in technical education.
  • Fostering culture of innovation and research in the field of electronics and communication engineering for the development of the society.
  • To imbibe self learning attitude, entrepreneur skills and professional ethics.
  • To prepare students to face the challenges related to emerging technologies in the area of electronics and communication engineering.
  • Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

    1. Provide graduates with a strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals to enable them to devise and deliver efficient solutions to challenging problems in Electronics, Communications and allied disciplines.
    2. Be receptive to new technologies and attain professional competence through lifelong learning such as advanced degrees, professional registration, publications and other professional activities.
    3. Practice the ethics of their profession consistent with a sense of social responsibility and develop their engineering design, problem solving skills and aptitude for innovations as they work individually and in multi disciplinary teams.

    The ECE curriculum provides a wide perspective of the field of electronics and allows the student to decide his future directions. As can be expected, student often diverge into related fields such as computer engineering. The ECE branch provides the perfect ground and flexibility for student who wish to go into other streams.

    From the very beginning, the ECE division has taken the lead in establishing well- equipped and modern Lab facilities as well as initiating Ph.D programs and Research and Development in the Institute. The ECE division has produced several Ph.D's in the areas of its activities. Regular Masters's program in the specified areas of Signal Processing, Digital Systems and VLSI Design and Communication Systems are planned out of which the first one has already started since August 1999.

    Students from the ECE branch often decide to pursue post-graduate studies, showing their ability to continue research in diverse areas. This illustrates the success of the institute in providing a solid base for serious research and development work. Our students are often accepted into the best institute in India such as IIT's and IISc. Bangalore. A number of students also continue post graduate study at the masters and Ph.D levels in reputed universities in the US.