Department of Physics

General Information

About Department

The Department of Physics of Netaji Subhas University of Technology (formerly Netaji Subhas Intistitute of technology) was established in the year 1983 under the school of applied Sciences. It was created as a separate department in December 2013. The department primarily caters to the teaching requirement of various courses in Physics which form essential component of all undergraduate programmes (Theory and Practical) in the first and second semester at the University. In addition to the teaching responsibilities, the department is actively involved in the for the Ph.D. Programme in Physics in collaboration  with institutions like University of Delhi, NPL, Jamia Milia Islamia, JNU, IIT Delhi etc.


Courses offered at UG level

The department teaches Physics basic course at UG level with practical for semester One in all the Engineering Braches. The course Electrical Engineering Material is being thought in 2nd semester Division of Electrical and Communication Engineering and the course Physics of Material is being thought for Division of Instrumentation and Control Engineering and Division of Biological Sciences in 2nd semester and one core course of Applied Physics has been prescribed for the Computational Mathematics.

To keep in the pace with the current technological advancements, the UG curriculum has been recently modified.


Courses offered at PG level

The proposed M.Tech. Degree Programme for Nanotechnology with an intake of eighteen students has been considered for recommendation by the senate of the University. Master of Technology in Nanotechnology is a 2-year post-graduate programme. This course will offer knowledge and training on the development and modification of materials and devices with atomic precision where the dimension of the systems is less than 100 nanometers. It is an interdisciplinary subject that integrates the study of Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry as well as other branches of Engineering. The scope and application of Nanotechnology is vast. Being an interdisciplinary subject, students with a degree in Nanotechnology can find employment opportunities for research in Science and Technology as well as a good placement in industry also.