Student Affairs Council

With the support of Prof. Yogesh Singh, Director, NSIT, Students’ Affairs Council has been constituted in the year 2015. It is a representative body which duly brings forth student needs & requirements to the institutional authorities. The student body’s most important role is to ensure general student welfare, academic excellence & overall institutional progress.

The Students’ Affairs Council comprises of:

  • President (Director, NSIT)
  • General Secretary
  • Vice-Presidents (Academic, External Affairs, Student Affairs, Student Activities)
  • Secretaries

A Constitution is being prepared to define the responsibilities of the Students’ Affairs Council, selection criteria, organization of councils, by-laws, rules & procedures and various standing committees.

President, SAC

Prof. Yogesh Singh President

Raghav Agarwal General Secretary

Shashwat Deepali Nagar Vice President - Academics

Prateek Jain Vice President - External Affairs

Ashish Kothari Vice President - Student Affairs

Mamik Sharma Vice President - Student Activities